RetailPlus 6 Power Outlet Surge Protector

retail plus 6 Outlet Surge
retail plus 6 Outlet Surge
retail plus 6 Outlet Surge

RetailPlus 6 Outlet Surge

The RetailPlus 6 Outlet Surge provides protection from power surges and over-voltages to your basic household electronics. It comes with 6 surge protected AC outlets. We strive to provide remium power protection for home and office. This product not just protects everyday household electronics. Its slim, sleek design blends seamlessly with today's modern electronics and appliances. With its safety switch, you know the other electronics are safe with our RetailPlus 6 Outlet Surge.

6 surge protected outlets for surge sensitive devices
Protection swtich

90 Joules of basic protection
Rating: 125 VAC/15A • L-N